Facebook Server Down Again

Facebook , a giant social network had gone down again on 19/6/2014 2pm IST (approx) . Facebook’s outage hit more than just the social network as users sharing stories on the site are one of the main drivers of website views across the internet.

After the server down most of the facebook users were forced to see a same page as you are seeing below .

Facebook   Error


Facebook is back online for some, as the service resumes and the social network rolls back into life ,after around 20 minutes offline .This downtime is the  longest service disruption .

The Below Graph shows the Impact on both facebook and twitter after the downtime , People stated posting trolls about the downtime on Twitter and Google +

facebook downtime

Facebook Traffic Graph After Downtime

Accordingly , Twitter Faced enormous amount of traffic than before \m/.

twitter uptime

Twitter Traffic Graph After Facebook Downtime

Whether you like it or hate it , “Facebook is down” Is a quote which is always create global sensation ,Especially Mark Zukerburg was quoted in the movie The Social Network saying that Facebook would never go Down.

black thursday


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  • Love your quickness to publish this news, Jana.

    I noticed it already.
    But it went back within minutes, though.

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk!

    • Yeah , Its always my pleasure 🙂