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Android reverse tethering – How to Connect PC Internet to Android Mobile

Written by Jana Raj

Tethering is the ability to Browse on Your PC using the 3G/2G Connectivity of your Android Mobile , and Android reverse tethering is the Inverse of Tethering i.e Surfing your Phone Using the Internet on Your PC . Ofcource This Can Achieved by Portable Hotspot Via Wifi . But in this case No Wifi or 3G connection required. 

In This Tutorial We Are Going to Learn How to Connect PC Internet to Android Mobile Using Android reverse tethering


Android Reverse Tethering – Image Courtesy – Skipser

Requirements  :

  • A Rooted Android Mobile  Android 4.x Above (You must install drivers for your device)
  • USB Data Cable
  • Android Reverse Tethering  Tool – Download Here

How to Connect PC Internet to Android Mobile :

  • Turn on USB Debugging On Your Android Mobile : Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging > Turn On
  • Connect Your Android mobile to Your PC
  • Download The Android Reverse Tethering Tool , Extract It , Open It
  • Now Open AndroidTool.exe in the Android Reverse Tethering Folder

Android reverse tethering 1


  • First Refresh And Select Your Device
  • Choose a DNS to be used and Check The DNS (You Can Use Google DNS ,
  • Install Hack Connectivity (Some Applications Like Play Store Requires Active Connection , So We Should Fool The System That There is A Wifi Connected and this is Called fake Wifi . This will Be usefull in Download Apps From Play store . While hack Connectivity is a Module of Xposed Framework

Android reverse tethering 2


  • Install Or Update the Xposed Framework , Check The Hack Connectivity Service [1.4] Under The Modules Menu & Then Restart the Mobile .




  • Restart and Open Hack Connectivity Service , Hit Wifi Button And Activate Button


  • Now Click Connect Button in Android reverse tethering Tool Now open Your Android Phone and Star Surfing .. 🙂 Enjoy..


5-12-2014 5-43-53 PM


If You Have any Problem , Make A Comment  I will Help You 🙂

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About the author

Jana Raj

Jana is the founder of Tech4bros. CS Engineer ,Part time Blogger and Web Developer, Crypto Trader and Investor.

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  • rahul

    i am stuck at the point where it says wait for connection as in last image it goes to 25 and nothing happens plz help

    • You have to close the USB tunnel , before reconnecting .Stop the USB tunnel service and then try again, it will work .

  • Vivek

    actually i hav a different problem after install/update frame work i am not getting an option of modules hack connectivity is not visible , it says that no modules were installed .
    Please help

  • Aman

    This works nicely on Micromax A89

    thankx Jana Raj

  • Aman

    Thanks for the detailed info & Step by step Guide!
    This works better on my Micromax A89

    Thanks jana raj


    • Search Google : How to root “you mobile model” ?

  • putra

    I couldn’t get the hack to be installed. When i tried to hack the wifi i always get hack is not installed.
    I had rebooted the phone after i installed the module framework and checked the hack conectivity check box. Help please?

  • kamal

    in my phone in frame work it was not getting instal or update

  • akshay

    i was unable to install framework

  • Mohammed

    thanks this is connect to usb but i want to connect wifi

  • I completed all the process and still no internet connection in my Android.

  • Stabby

    Using this method google play force closes when trying to download apps. Any fix?

  • Arif

    THANKS A LOT BRO!!! this method has finally helped me.. dont know how to thank u anymore.. keep up the good work!!!!

  • ashok

    my device is not found in reverse tethering and phone is rooted

    • Install USB drivers for your device

      • ashok

        i could not found drivers for celkon a35k and my device is not visible in reverse tethering

  • eburn

    Hello. I’ve tried to reverse tether by following your guide. After installing the hack connectivity tool on my phone (Jiayu G4S quadcore) and tried to reboot it, it’s never booted again.

    The phone can still go into recovery mode. Is there a way I can undo what the Hack app has done? Thank you in advance.

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  • is there any pros of warranty void, if it is then what should be the way to reboot the device to getting warranty

    • Flash the Official ROM to Unroot your Device, Search XDA for more

  • Taz

    dude like it cant detect my phone! the pc app cant detect my phone but the computer can

  • e’rything sound good. but, can’t conn to internet. with SuperUser Uncheck “Do not show notification when an app is granted Su Permissions”. how do i set with SuperSU ?

  • Mayank Kumar

    im getting wait for super user right

    • Rostislav Liber

      Same problem. Is there any solution ?

  • nicholas

    i have failed to install hack

  • ashok

    after all step it show wait for connection 25
    and internet not run on my mobile
    please help